Safe & Effective


BioNutraTech Bioremediation Biotechnology

Nature knows how to heal itself from both natural and man-made mishaps through biodegradation, the world’s oldest cleaner. Biodegradation is the natural process through which microorganisms alter and break down organic molecules. Natural communities of microbes are amazingly versatile. They can carry out biodegradation in almost every type of environment and habitat, under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

BioNutraTech’s nutriation technology can substantially accelerate biodegradation by providing the necessary support and stimulation for native microbes to quickly multiply and produce enzymes that speed up the metabolic process of biodegradation.

Two Keys to BioNutraTech’s Effectiveness

Nutrient Enrichment

Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur help microbes speed nontoxic mineralization. As a result, contaminants are broken down to carbon dioxide and water. The formulation in BioNutraTech products provide the necessary bio-specific nutrients that accelerate and improve microbial growth at the contamination site with no threat to the extant ecological balance.

Oleophilic Coating

BioNutraTech’s products have a proprietary oleophilic coating that gives it a unique advantage over other nutrient methods. First, it clings to contaminants without harmful residuals, ensuring that nutrients are always available on a time-release basis in useful concentrations for microbes. Second, the coating provides a necessary source of carbon for microbial growth and accelerates the Krebs Cycle. This cycle constitutes the major terminal pathway of biological oxidation in most bacterial cells. Microorganisms undergo a series of chemical reactions, by which two-carbon fragments produced by metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins are converted to carbon dioxide and water, liberating energy in the process.

Less Waste, Less Cost

Because the nutrients stay where they are needed and don’t get pulled away by gravity, rain, wind or wave action, a lower volume of nutrients can be applied compared with other approaches. This means less waste and no concern about over-application of nutrients.

Environmentally Safe

Because they contain no toxic chemicals, hazardous materials or biological additives or microbes, BioNutraTech’s products are safe to use in a variety of wastewater streams, including industrial and municipal plants, drain lines, septic tanks, restaurant grease traps and groundwater. The products have a positive impact on environments where hydrocarbons must be removed, such as open water spills, contaminated soils, refinery wastes and groundwater.

Product Authorization

The products meet all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and are on the National Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule pursuant to Title 40 of the CFR, section 300.915. The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) also has approved the products for use.