Agrifresh Poultry 30lb


Agrifresh® Poultry is a patented formula of a granular powder composed of blended, all-natural minerals and nutrients specifically formulated to reduce odor and provide humane living conditions for your animals and a more pleasant working environment.
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Agrifresh® Gold for Poultry Litter 30lb Bucket

Agrifresh® Poultry Litter/Chicken Litter Treatment is a specially formulated powder that works with nature to keep poultry healthy by stimulating the growth of non-pathogenic (safe) bacteria that consume biological waste. BiNutrix® Gold helps to fuel this growth by providing all-natural supplemental minerals and nutrients to those rapidly expanding populations. Spraying BiNutrix® Gold on the poultry litter does not require changes to the existing poultry farm practice. In fact, you can use bedding for more than one growth cycle and the bedding can serve as fertilizer when you are through with it.