Purrfect Together 14oz


• Blocks ammonia odors from developing.
• Stops the odor of urine and waste for up to fourteen days.
• Prevents odor from forming; doesn’t mask it with a fragrance.
• Dries urine and waste making easy litter box clean up.
• Use it with any brand of cat litter.
• Beneficial for other small household pets.
• Order 3 or more packages of Purrfect Together to receive FREE shipping!

Bacteria in the litter produce specific enzymes that convert the nitrogen-containing waste into ammonium ions that can then vaporize as ammonia gas. Purrfect TogetherTM prevents bacteria from converting the waste into ammonia ions. Blocking the formation of ammonia ions means that Purrfect TogetherTM actually eliminates the source from which odorous ammonia gas is made. No ammonia source – no ammonia odors. Odors are simply a thing of the past.