Septikos Septic Treatment


  • Destroy harmful and odor-producing microorganisms
  • Breakdown buildup in pipes
  • Breakdown sludge in the septic tank
  • Facilitate a more thorough degradation of wastes that enter the system
  • Breakdown buildup in leach or drain fields
  • Increase the efficiency of your tank naturally
  • Order 3 or more packages of Septikos to receive FREE shipping & a discounted price!

Septikos® for Septic Treatment & Maintenance 3lb Bag

  • Less than $10.00 per month when purchasing 2 or more bags of Septikos®, when used as directed.
  • Save 10% if you purchase 3 bags or more of Septikos®
  • First time treating with Septikos®: Initial bag will last 4 Months
  • Currently treating with Septikos®: A bag will last 6 Months

As you can imagine, an improperly functioning system can be an inconvenience. It can also be hazardous. If your system is not functioning well, it can expose you, your family, pets, and livestock to viruses and bacteria, including E. Coli. Additionally, families who have septic systems often have wells for drinking water or for some have public works. Runoff from a malfunctioning septic system can pollute not only your land but the water you drink. Septikos® helps your system function at its optimal level, saving you time and money. Most importantly, keeping your family safe!