Horse Stall Supplement


Keep Horse Stalls Fresh For Healthier Horses

• Stops odor
• Keeps bedding drier
• Reduces ammonia-related diseases
• Reduces fly populations
• Increases speed and quality of composting
• All natural: Harmless to horses, people and the planet

agriFresh® Horse Stall Bedding Treatment is a granular powder composed of blended natural minerals that improve the health and performance of your horses while allowing you to enjoy them more.

agriFRESH® Improves the Health and Performance of Your Horse

Four Ways agriFRESH® Improves the Health and Performance of Your Horse

Blocks Ammonia Odor

agriFRESH® is a patented formula that prevents anaerobic microbes from eating the urea in horse urine, a process that produces ammonia gas as a byproduct. agriFRESH® fights the formation of ammonia gas at the source.

Fewer Flies

Ammonia gas and fecal matter attract flies. Less ammonia gas and faster degradation of biological waste under the influence of agriFRESH® means fewer annoying flies. You do not need to use as much fly repellent an expensive, artificial chemical and your horses breathe healthier air without it.


agriFRESH® nutrients stimulate the growth of beneficial microbes that digest the biological matter in the bedding material. This activity and the increase in microbe population remove moisture from the bedding and help keep it dry.

Compost Booster

agriFRESH® treated bedding retains un-metabolized urea, a valuable nutrient in the compost.

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agriFresh® Instructions for Use in The Horse Stall

Application RateFor Horses
Apply agriFresh®Up to 1000 lbsMore than 1000 lbsPerformance & Working
On Bare Soil or Mat8 oz10 oz12 oz
On New Bedding8 oz10 oz12 oz
Weekly on Bedding2 oz3 oz4 oz

For stalls up to 12 x 12 feet

• Strip stall of old bedding.
• Sprinkle 8 to 12 oz of agriFRESH® on top of the soil or mat
• Apply a layer of bedding.
• Apply another 8 to 12 oz of agriFRESH® on top of the bedding.
• Add 2 to 4 oz weekly onto the bedding.
• Continue to remove manure and heavily soiled bedding.
• Add new bedding as needed.
• Repeat steps when stall completely stripped

What Customers Have to Say

I can’t say enough about what a wonderful product, agriFRESH® is. With 30 plus years of horse owner ship, I have tried other products that claimed to be an odor blocker, keep bedding drier and help boost bedding composting, but none actually did what they claimed except for agriFRESH® and it does exactly what it claims to do and more. After the initial applications, I could than go three to four months between applications. In the heat of the summer, the flies were virtually gone; my stalls were dry and odor free. I watched as my manure pile composted down to half the size it normally would be. It works winter, spring, summer and fall to keep your horse’s stall drier and healthier. I couldn’t tell you how this product works scientifically or technically, but as a horse owner who has 6 stalls to clean, I know it works. agriFRESH® is the greatest equine product to come along in years and years! I would and do recommend it to my clients, horse friends and family members.

Cheryl, Traditional Honest and True Horsemanship
Developer of Women & Horses Mind, Spirit & Body Seminars

This product does a wonderful job at eliminating barn odors while being extremely simple to apply I definitely recommend it.

Ollie Griffith
Ohio State Equestrian Team Coach
Owner of Autumn Rose Farm

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