Safe Wastewater Treatment


A Totally Green Solution for Meeting Wastewater Treatment Challenges

  • Improves digestion of sludge and grease
  • Reduces odors
  • Lowers BOD/COD to meet regulatory permit levels
  • Lowers TSS and reduces pin floc
  • Reduces oil and grease buildup in lift stations
  • Ensures good settling and excellent water clarity
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduces E. Coliform
  • Reduces foam
  • Enables compliance with stringent discharge permit regulations

BiNutrix® WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM is a patented, composite biostimulator that provides critical bioinutrients to microbes in a form that accelerates their reproduction and enhances their performance. The unique coating provides time-released feeding for the growth and health of microbes that remediate waste.

Improves Digestion of Sludge & Grease While Reducing Odor

Wastewater Treatment Problems

Microbes naturally present (indigenous) in wastewater are the most effective strains for degrading organic matter. However, rarely do these microbes exist in sufficient quantities to promote degradation at the rate needed to maximize treatment plant operation. The result is an extended time for complete remediation of waste. Most sewage treatment plants are designed with a 300 percent excess capacity to support for extreme load conditions. Many of these conditions occur regularly and include chemical spills into the sewer system; excessive fat and grease discharge from restaurants, packaging plants and other commercial enterprises; and heavy rains and flood

Improves Wastewater Treatment safely & Naturally

A Natural & Safe Wastewater Treatment Solution

BiNutrix® provides a solution for optimizing treatment plant processes. BiNutrix® is a granulated powder composed of perfectly -blended bionutrients and growth factors that are easily metabolized to sustain microbial growth. A microbial cell consists mostly of carbon, but also contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus.

The general pathway for microbial attack on organic contaminants involves generating an enzyme or multiple enzymes capable of breaking the chemical bonds of the contaminants. When a contaminant (organic waste) is introduced into a microbial environment, the microbes adapt their enzymes to optimize the breakdown of that specific contaminant.

Indigenous microbes already present in the waste treatment system have developed the enzyme system to degrade the target contaminants. The oleophilic nutrients and growth factors in BiNutrix® support and sustain microbes until their enzymatic systems adapt to the load conditions of the treatment plant. Without the nutrient support, some microbes will die before they can adapt to decomposing the contaminant.

BiNutrix® WASTEWATER TREATMENT significantly impacts waste treatment by providing a uniform effluent with a normal environmental aquatic flora This enables waste treatment facilities to meet discharge permit requirements while enhancing their capacity.

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