kitty litter freshener


About purrfect TOGETHER™

• Blocks ammonia odors from developing
• Stops the odor of urine and waste for up to 14 days
• Prevents odor from forming; doesn’t mask it with a fragrance
• Dries urine and waste simplifying litter box clean up
• Works with any brand of cat litter
• Beneficial for other small household pets

Prevent Bacteria from Converting Waste Into Ammonia Ions.

How purrfect TOGETHER™ Works

Bacteria in the litter produce specific enzymes that convert the nitrogen-containing waste into ammonium ions that can then vaporize as ammonia gas. purrfect TOGETHER™ prevents bacteria from converting the waste into ammonia ions. Blocking the formation of ammonia ions means that purrfect TOGETHER™ eliminates the source of odor. No ammonia source means no ammonia odors. Odors are simply a thing of the past.

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